Smarter Choices Energy Initiative

Save money and cut carbon emissions in your business with a free energy assessment, access to financing options and free measurement and verification process to lower your energy costs. 

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Smarter Choices

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What is Smarter Choices?

Smarter Choices is about boosting access to energy efficiency improvements for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). It’s funded by government to develop new tools and models into a single online platform that provides businesses with a hassle free energy saving solution. 

Comprehensive Building Energy Assessment

You will get a free impartial building energy assessment, with no obligation to make any purchase. Apply now for a free assessment.

Low Cost and No Cost Options for Energy Savings

Report of potential for savings where options can include Energy Performance Contracts, Energy as a Service or leasing.

Finance Options

Our handholding support will help you identify financing for the improvement measures recommended by the assessment.

Measuring Energy Savings 

Following installation, we may provide free monitoring equipment fitted alongside the improvement measures, saving you money.

How it works 

Smarter Choices will help you identify, finance, install and monitor energy saving improvements in your buildings.

Stage 1: Building Energy Assessment – Smarter Choices will help you investigate what energy saving measures are right for your buildings.

Stage 2: Detailed Scoping – Following identification of potential measures, Smarter Choices will help you assess costs more detail and introduce potential finance and installation providers.

Stage 3: Financing & Installation – When you decide to proceed with installation/financing, you will get access to the Smarter Choices platform which integrates management of the financing with monitoring of the performance of the installed measures.

Stage 4: Monitoring of installed technology -We will provide you with a years access to the Smarter Choices platform to monitor the performance of your installed technology.

Why Smarter Choices?

Reducing energy use is great for business as well as the environment; helping to save cost, enhance brand reputation and reduce carbon footprint. There is a significant opportunity in premises where energy costs are relatively high for areas such as lighting, heating and cooling. However, many small and medium businesses are unsure how to start an energy saving project, are limited on time and have concerns around the business case.

Smarter Choices has been specifically developed for SMEs to provide a radically simplified service to identify and take advantage of the savings available through energy efficiency improvements.

Who is this for?

Smarter Choices has been specifically developed for SMEs to provide a radically simplified service to identify and take advantage of the savings available through energy efficiency improvements.


The programme is for small to medium sized companies (SMEs). An SME has fewer than 250 employees, £45m turnover or an annual balance sheet total of less than £38m.

Annual energy bills of over £20k

Open to any sector. It is most likely to be viable for companies with high energy spend where the potential for energy saving is strong.

Landlord/Long term tenant

Persons with responsibility for their building services (e.g. heating, lighting air conditioning)

The Smarter Choices Energy Assessment Initiative can help you use less energy, save money and cut carbon emissions in your business

  • The building energy assessment will tell you about the measures you can fit in your buildings to save energy from heating, ventilation, cooling, and lighting. We’ll also tell you insulation and equipment upgrades and about renewable energy measures like solar panels. Where possible we’ll also provide advice on where you can save energy from your business processes.
  • The assessment will also provide recommendations for low cost and no cost ways to cut energy bills and carbon emissions – whether that’s switching lights off, changing the setttings on your HVAC controls, or installing draught proofing.
  • If you decide you want to install new energy saving measures, Smarter Choices may be able to help you find finance to pay for the measures. For some energy saving measures, we can help SMEs access no-upfront cost finance.
  • And if you’re going ahead with installation, we may also be able to provide free monitoring equipment to check the performance of the new equipment. So you can feel confident that youre really achieving savings in energy bills and carbon emissions.

Apply Now for a Free Energy Assessment

We can only provide a limited amount of support through Smarter Choices, because our government funding is limited. If your company is spending more than £20,000 per year in energy please do get in touch as soon as possible: tell us what business sector you're in, and why you'd benefit from support with energy saving.

Smarter Choices

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