Simplified process

Many businesses see the benefit of energy saving upgrades but complexity, hassle and a lack of time often stop them going ahead. Smarter Choices will overcome this by offering:

  • single integrated digital platform covering end-to-end project information
  • clear presentation of the project status including a trail of completed phases with relevant documentation
  • account manager support and handholding, free for the pilot projects

This will lead to a radically simplified process to save time and reduce transaction and compliance costs. The straightforward service has been designed to meet the needs of SMEs which may not have energy management expertise or dedicated resources available.

Independent assessments and recommendations

Trusted advice is critical to the success of an energy saving project. Smarter Choices brings together a group of accredited and impartial assessors, consultants and contractors to ensure the solution will give the best return on investment and achieve company goals.

A phased approach will be adopted to establish the potential for energy savings and the areas of most importance before more detailed surveys are conducted:

  • initial remote assessment
  • report of potential for savings
  • financing options
  • detailed energy data collection
  • specification and costing of the solution

Free for the pilot projects, this will give a robust understanding of business needs as well as creating watchpoints to ensure the investment is viable before full commitment.

Cost savings without upfront investment

For many, once the quick wins have been made such as turning equipment off when not needed and securing the best tariff, energy is seen as a fixed cost or the potential for saving is unknown and risky. Smarter Choices will take away this risk by guaranteeing savings will be made:

  • options can include Energy Performance Contracts, Energy as a Service or leasing
  • liability insurance and product warranties
  • potential route to upgrade as new technologies become available

This will help to improve your bottom line and free up capital for additional investment options to improve your business.

Energy monitoring

The installation and commissioning of the energy saving solution should not be seen as the end of the process. Monitoring through gold standard measurement and verification protocols is free for the pilot projects and will provide on-going impartial evidence on energy saving of the new solution.

Access to accurate and detailed energy monitoring will:

  • ensure the installation is as designed
  • prove energy performance
  • illustrate obvious and quantifiable changes
  • provide data to support future decision making

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Smarter Choices aimed at?

For the initial development and pilot projects, Smarter Choices is aimed at UK SMEs (<250 employees), have energy bills of at least £20,000 per year and either own their premises or are long-term tenants with responsibility for the building services.

Is it for specific sectors?

Smarter Choices is relevant to SME organisations from any sector. It is most likely to be viable for companies with an energy spend over £20,000 per year where the potential for energy saving is strong.

Why is it government funded?

SMEs make up the huge majority of UK businesses and collectively use a significant amount of energy, yet the energy saving market has not successfully met their needs. This funding is to help develop and prove long term services to reach these companies, helping to meet the UK’s carbon reduction targets.

What does the future hold for Smarter Choices?

The current development and government funding of Smarter Choices is to prove and refine a business case to roll out a commercial service. If viable, this is likely to be aimed at and meet the needs of a wider group of companies.

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